Current Wedding Trends to Achieve the Wedding of the Century

The fashion world is continuously changing and along with these changes, wedding trends also modernize and innovate. In the past few years, dangling wedding decors, photo booths, and trendy wedding favors have been a trend. However, because wedding stylists, coordinators, and the modern couples are in search of something more unique and inimitable ideas, they come up with exceptional but sometimes bizarre ideas for their own weddings.

Some ideas sometimes get over the top and overdone while some are just simply perfect. Adding a personal touch in wedding plans is just the best key for the envisioned wedding of the century. On the other hand, couples who are on a rough budget should ditch some of these new wedding trends because getting beyond the financial comfort zone may put the other wedding essentials into a big disaster.

Here are fresh and new wedding ideas that may fit in your wedding preparations:

  • Go for unique invitations. The wedding invitation is the first thing that invitees and guests receive to announce the upcoming wedding. When people receive these invitations, they would have a glimpse of what type of wedding you are preparing for and this creates the ultimate excitement. Have a wedding invitation that stands out from the usual designs there is. One of the current trends is the use of Plexiglas, stamping using foil materials and glow-in-the-dark accents to catch the attention of the guests. Bold envelopes are some of the ideas to have more noticeable.
  • Creating a gift lounge for the guests is another fresh wedding fashion. Deconstructed wedding bags is just the perfect thing, especially for destination weddings. In the traditional setup, the couples stuff bags with gifts and have them sent to their guests. This time, the guests have a choice as to which wedding favor they would like to take with them. What is best about this idea is that the family of the about-to-weds can get to meet and greet the guests as they enter the gift lounge even for just a short while.
  • In terms of wedding dresses, metallic dresses and breezy silhouettes are fast-growing trends. The modern gowns for the bride and bridesmaids are accentuated by beadings made of metals like gold and silver to add glamour and elegance. One of the trends in wedding dresses that are coming back in style is the ball gown type where a bride looks like a modern princess. Floral off-shoulder embellishments and detachable skirts make people take a second look in amazement and surprise.
  • As for colors and motifs, neutral and pastel colors are fast making a scene in the world of wedding fashion. Vibrant and earthy colors like the shade of green are in this season. Wedding stylists can be a bit playful with colors and match the pastels with different shades of green.

These are some of the newest trends when it comes to wedding styling. Letting the wedding planner make the suggestions about the designs and having a mutual decision with both the bride and the groom is very important to achieve the perfect and momentous wedding.

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