Hair Colouring Care: Pre Wedding Care for Coloured hair

Many wedding brides want to try something different on their wedding day. Some brides even imitate their favourite actresses’ wedding looks. And one wedding look improvement that many brides want to try is to change their hair colour.

According to an Essex wedding hairstylist, if you want to change hair colour, don’t do it when the wedding day is almost around the corner. That is because the hair will still in the phase of recuperating from the chemicals that were used in changing the colour of the hair. So you may notice, your hair might be a bit dull or dry to touch even if you already used a conditioner.

If you really want to have a different hair colour on your wedding day, what most hairstylists recommend is to do it a few months in advance so that the hair will have time to recover from over-processing. Moreover, this will also help you choose a  wedding dress and wedding makeup that will won’t clash with your newly coloured hair.

Coloured hair needs special care and in order for your hair to look its best on your wedding day, regardless of how it is styled, give it some extra love and attention. This extra attention comes in the form of making sure your hair is pampered so that it remains hydrated and shines on your big day. Here are a few tips to help you keep your dyed hair from looking dull, brittle and unhealthy.

1. Use a shampoo that is suited for use on coloured hair. One that want drag out the dye in your hair causing it to look dull and lacklustre. Shampoos that do not contain sodium laureth sulphate are perfect for use on coloured hair. Look out for labels that say “sulphate free” or “free from SLS”. They are far more gentle on your hair.

2. Follow up washing your hair with a sulphate free shampoo with a nourishing hair mask. Hair masks are great for keeping your hair soft and hydrated, but even more importantly they repair surface damage to cuticles and, depending on the ingredients in them, may also repair internal damage. Hair treatments that can repair internal damage should include ingredients like hydrolysed keratin or other hydrolysed protein sources, including hydrolysed silk. For a wide range of rich hair masks really well suited to coloured hair you could try these Latin American hair treatments from Dominican Haircare.

3. Avoid any other forms of chemical processing. This includes getting a perm – straight (often referred to as relaxed hair) or a curly perm. When your hair has been coloured, it is already chemically processed and doing any additional processing on top will only cause further damage to your hair.

4. Ask your stylist to give your hair extra protection during the colouring process by using Olaplex. Because of how damaging the colouring process is, you should take whatever steps necessary you can to protect it while it is being coloured. One of the ways to do this is by using Olaplex. Ask your stylist if they use this product. If they don’t carry it at the salon, then ask if they offer an alternative that does the same thing. If the answer is no, then go with your own bottle! Your hair will thank you for it later.



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