How your Face Shape Can Help You Achieve your Desired Wedding Look

The key to achieving the perfect wedding look lies not only in the wedding dress you will wear and what would be your wedding hair and makeup – but it goes with the shape of your face.

To be the best version of yourself is one of the strenuous tasks in your preparation for your wedding day. According to a professional Essex wedding photographer, most brides are worried about how are they are going to look in their wedding photos. Some brides commit mistakes on their wedding look by imitating what is in trend. However, for a wedding hair and makeup artist in Essex, to achieve the wedding look that is like no other, you have to know what your face shape and make it your reference.

There are different face shapes that you can check out if yours is the same. These are oval, diamond, square, round, heart, and pear


The oval shape depicts a forehead and jaw that has the same width. One of its remarkable features is the slightly rounded chin. If you have this kind of shape, the best wedding hairstyle you can have are tight retro curls for medium length hair while bouncy curls are recommended for longer length hair. That is because these hairstyles give balance to your face. All you need is to wear long chunky earrings to enhance your wedding look.


The facial features of a diamond face shape are long and narrow, where your cheekbones have the widest aspect of your face and your chin has a pointy trait. This kind of face shape displays slick back hairstyles where the hair is not touching the face. Wedding hairstyle the best suit this face shape are ponies and updos.


A square face shape showcases solid wide cheekbones with broad foreheads and angular jawline. Most brides who have this face shape opt for long hairstyles while others wear an A-line haircut which greatly helps in minimizing the sharp corners of a square face shape. However, if you want to have an updo wedding hair, an Essex wedding hairstylist highly recommend loose but soft curls with some loose sections for a dramatic effect.


The round face shape is the most common shape of the face, where it features an even and rounded chin. To avoid too much soft in this face shape, what hairstylists do is they add height and volume to the hair in order to create an illusion of an elongated face.


What brides with heart face shape should do is to avoid too much height on the top of the hair as this will make the face look even wider. Instead, opt for a hairstyle where your tresses are slightly loose. In fact, curls and fishtail braids are highly recommended to add volume at the bottom to accentuate the heart face shape.


Brides with pear face shape usually have narrow foreheads and cheekbones but have prominent jaw and chin. The most frequent updo for this face shape is the half up styles in order to add balance to the top. Bottoms could be curled or wave to soften the jawline.

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