Nifty Hacks to a Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Nowadays, couples can do almost everything to make their wedding a bit more unique yet unforgettable. Some would prefer it to be held in the most grandiose cathedral, a prestigious and esteemed wedding reception hall or a highly acclaimed historical venue; these locations, of course, would be a little pricier though. However, couples who seek for a more budget-friendly yet adventure-filled wedding venue would choose to say their “I do’s” in the outdoors, a beachfront, near a lake, a garden or a vineyard, for example.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind when planning for an outdoor wedding. Here are some of the most important considerations:

  • The Weather. It is important that the couple looks into the type of weather or season carefully because they would not want their guests to get drenched under the heavy rains. Watching the news for weather forecast would be imperative. Nevertheless, if the weather gets a little tricky and the need to put up a tent would be necessary, the wedding vendor preparing the venue should be versed about it.
  • The Wind. Based on the forecast, the weather might just be perfect because it is sunny outside. But the couple should also consider the wind direction and intensity because it might just ruin all the decors and the flowers toppling over as the bride walks along the aisle to make her grand entrance. If it is too windy, then there would definitely be a need to put up a tent. It is also very important to secure everything and keep everything tied down safely.
  • The Blooms and Flower Arrangements. Outdoor weddings come as a challenge to wedding vendors especially the florists. If a wedding will be held under the burning heat of the sun, then the flowers could easily wilt, hence the choice of blooms would really matter a lot to keep the venue lively with all the colors of the flowers.
  •  The Food. The heat of the sun could spoil the food the couple has prepared for their wedding banquet so it is important to have an ice bar to keep the delectable dishes fresh and chilled. Wedding guests would prefer some refreshing, cool and crisp foods like prosciutto skewers, melons, cucumbers with crabmeats, etc.
  • The Power Supply. Any catastrophe could happen during an outdoor wedding and one of the most important to be prepared with is getting unplugged especially during the exchange of vows because this is the most awaited event during the wedding. And another thing is to keep the venue filled with lively music as the guests celebrate the momentous occasion with the couple.
  • The Restrooms. There is absolutely a need to bring along a few portable restrooms with enough water supply. This is one really important part of an outdoor wedding preparation. Couples do not want to hear their guests complaining about not having a place to do their personal things and they would definitely want to see some guests peeing just anywhere.

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