Simple Tips for Awesome Groom Style

In most wedding preparations, the bride always takes the spotlight, especially when dealing with achieving the perfect look and this is, of course, one of the highlights of the momentous occasion. On the other hand, it would be a more striking wedding if the groom would look equally styled to bring out his most stunning look. Wouldn’t the couple look fabulous and exquisite in their wedding photos?

Choosing the perfect suit for a wedding is one of the groom’s greatest challenges. Some suits look perfect on others but may not look good on some. Most grooms are clueless about what type of suit to wear to achieve the look they have always envisioned; this is where expert ideas come in. Here are some expert advises on what grooms have to consider for a perfect wedding suit:

  • When it comes to the best tip groom stylists would give their clients, they would always focus on the silhouette, fit and proportion.
  • Making suits for a groom is not that simple because harmony and balance are still yet to be considered. The suit should also be patterned with what type of wedding dress the bride would be wearing and of course the wedding theme.
  • It is very rare to see a groom wearing a suit that has a perfect size for them; in most cases, the suits are one or two sizes too big for them.
  • Some wedding suit designers have a thought that grooms would look best in trousers with a slight break because it adds a little twist and drama to the design.
  • When trying on the entire suit for the first time, it is advised that grooms should wear the exact shoes they are planning to wear during the wedding for the stylist to get a sneak-peak of the groom’s complete look.
  • Some men prefer and look good in pants designed with pleats, but wedding stylists say “no” to this during weddings because men look a little more formal and superb in plainly-designed pants.
  • Solid-colored suits are the top choices of most grooms because of its elegance and sophistication. However, as the fashion world seeks for a more unique and distinctive style, modern stylists recommend a patterned fabric for the groom. A charcoal suit with a pinstripe or chalk stripe design works perfectly well on weddings.
  • The choice of fabric is also very important as it would all depend on the theme and the venue of the wedding. For example, a worsted wool is preferred over traditional wool in outdoor weddings. Another fabric of choice is linen because it is perfectly fitting especially for beach-held weddings. A light gray or khaki toned wedding suits can also be a perfect choice. There is a wide range of colors that would fit into a beach weddings because of the calm and relaxed ambiance that opens unlimited possibilities.
  • What is essential about choosing the perfect attire for the groom is considering the comfort and freedom of movement. The groom should be confident about his looks once he dons on the suit. The crowd sees the overwhelming confidence and adds to the entire look of the groom.

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